Is your auto beginning to look a little worn and your resale value plummeting? In this economy, keeping your car longer makes great economic sense. But driving a car with damage is depressing. The damage not only makes you feel bad, it also lowers the resale value of your car. With time, the damage will only get worse with neglect.

We also provide and specialize in Repair and Restoration services for: interior leather, vinyl and upholstery of your car, motorcycle seats, airplane, trucks and boats seat cushions. Commercial, residential or hospitality furniture leather or vinyl upholstery, cleaning applying protection guard or color match and dye. We repair, restore, clean and dye everything; from animal damages, pulls, scratches, tears, burn holes and cracking to every day wear and tear or discoloration.

Re-upholstery, Tear Repair, Spot Cleaning, Full Machine Cleaning, Cigarette Burn Removal, Hand Stitching Machine Stitching, Re-Stuffing, Touch-Ups, perforated leather repair, color matching, dyeing and much More!

Performing minor repairs at bargain prices is a proven way to increase the value of your auto, yacht, or boat. One of our business branches is dedicated to repair and preservation of luxury vehicles, RVs, boats, yachts, and aircrafts. A team of experienced and highly skilled technicians at Best PDR has been a leading provider of a wide service for both, the interior and exterior a vehicle. Exotic car owners, commercial body shops, used car dealerships, yacht & aircraft owners seek us out for our crews’ meticulous craftsmanship, knowledge of restoration and newest preservation techniques, and dedication. This is why we can guarantee that our talented staff can return your prized possession to its original condition or better and maintain it that way.

A mobile unit to your site makes a job convenient and efficient. In a matter of hours, we can restore the original beauty of your auto or a yacht, increase its resale value, and protect it from future damage.